One of the important tasks in shipping is fulfilled by the customs department.  As we are a customs agency, IFB BELGIUM PLC can handle all formalities concerning import and export and fiscal representation perfectly.  The fact that we handle all this ourselves means that we can anticipate quickly during the completion of a dossier.


For companies transporting goods from and to the European Union, which functions as an internal market, the European and national rules have become more and more complex.  For trade and industries, it has become almost impossible to see clear through the various rules and laws governing the international transport of goods.

The government agencies involved benefit as well from receiving the correct information about the transport of goods.  IFB BELGIUM PLC has skilled employees who fulfil all customs and other formalities linked to the import, export and transit of goods.


We can act as your fiscal representative.   Since the European Union functions as an internal market without any fiscal internal frontiers, foreign entrepreneurs increasingly come into contact with the Belgian VAT tax.   For you as a foreign entrepreneur, you are well-advised to have a fiscal representative represent you in Belgium.  We can act on your behalf in matters regarding the declaration and payment of import duties and other administrative obligations.   This offers an important economy with regard to the pre-funding of the VAT for many foreign entrepreneurs.